The association is actively involved in the stabilization of peace, the reduction of poverty and the establishment of a sustainable society for Cambodian children. We carry this out mainly by
investing in educational work for future generations – Cambodia’s children.


  • Training, promotion of education, and providing accommodation for impoverished,
    abandoned, orphaned or abused children.
  • Prevention of child trade, child prostitution and drug addiction.
  • Educational work with parents, children and village chiefs about topics like:
    - Health, in particular AIDS, avian influenza, and general hygiene
    - Protection of the environment and sustainability
    - Peace work, inter-religious dialogue and conflict resolution
    - Drug addiction and alcohol abuse
  • Further the association promotes sponsorship of Cambodian children

The long-term vision of the association is transferring Cambodia into a self-sustaining country, which will be less dependent on international financial assistance in the future.